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Paleo Coconut banana cookies

This recipe is a quick and a must try for parents “racking”  their brain trying to find  nut free snacks to pack in their children’s lunch bag.  My kids love these and so do I….. Quick, simple, tasty and no sugar added (except for the dark chocolate chips).

From start to finish these cookies took  18 mins to make. (not including  dishes)

Box of Bear Paw cookies, 6pkgs with 2 cookies in each, unknown ingredients = 5,49$ per box V.S. Homemade Coconut Banana cookies, 14 snack bags with 2 cookies in each, all organic, gluten free ingredients = 5,00$. But eating healthy is way too expensive, right????


1/2 cup + 1 tablespoon coconut flour

1/2 teaspoon baking soda

8 tablespoons refined coconut oil

2 lrg eggs

1  very ripe banana

1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla (liquid or ground vanilla)

3/4 cup dark chocolate chips


-In a medium bowl mix the coconut flour and the baking soda together.

In a large bowl mix together the coconut oil,banana, eggs, and vanilla

Then mix the dry ingredients into the wet

Add the chocolate chips.

Bake at 350 for 12 minutes.

- Enjoy!

package them in snack size bags and freeze them for school lunches. Double the recipe to make 14bags

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Shelley Belcourt - 17. Dec, 2010 -


This looks delicious!

We can’t eat eggs – I was wondering if you’d tried this egg-free?
Thanks for your wonderful ideas

Yours in Vitality

shara - 18. Dec, 2010 -

This recipe looks delicious! I have some coconut flour and carob chips laying around that I need to use up. Are these cookies sweet enough to be pleasing to a non-paleo audience? Also, I don’t have a really ripe banana around, if I wanted to substitute honey or another sweetener for the banana, how much would you recommend?

shara - 19. Dec, 2010 -

Ok, so I couldn’t wait for an answer, I just went ahead and made them. They were delicious! Here are the modifications I made: I used honey in lieu of a banana. I used 6 TBPS of honey. They were sweet and delicious, but I could have upped it to a full 1/2 c. of honey. I also used unsweetened carob chips, and I only used just over 1/2 c. of those. Both me and my non-paleo fiancé loved them, I’ll try them out on the neighbors tomorrow to see if they need to be sweeter. This is a great recipe to be able to just whip up in a jiffy.

Shelly - 19. Dec, 2010 -

Love these cookies Josee (not just for the, I think next time I might try them with a bit of cinnamon and a few less chocolate chips though. In saying that…they’re all gone and a hit with even the non Paleo members of my family :^) Thanks!

Josee - 20. Dec, 2010 -

Sorry for the delay. My internet has been down for over a week…Looks like you managed to create some pretty tasty cookies with some simple modifications. They sounds and I’m sure they were delicious!

Eric Bergeron - 14. Jan, 2011 -

I’m just testing Facebook connect on

Michelle - 19. Jan, 2011 -

Jo, these were awesome! Vance and I can’t get enough of them! It’s nice to have a dessert that ACTUALLY tastes like one!

P.s I agree with Shelly, next time I’ll put a few less chips..

Josee - 19. Jan, 2011 -

I love these too, so do the kids and the fact that they’re so easy to make and there’s little to no mess is definitely an added bonus!!!

Johanne - 27. Jan, 2011 -

Hi Jose,

Just made the cookies..they taste awesome! One thing though, not sure what I did wrong, but it wasn’t thick like it should have been…what type of coconut oil did u use?


Josee - 28. Jan, 2011 -

i used Nutiva

Johanne - 28. Jan, 2011 -

I use the same strange, I got the same texture as a banana added more flour, and made cookies that didn’t last, i’ll tell ya!

Tina Swaney - 13. Feb, 2011 -

Perfect consistency, great flavor. I could totally see these with nuts and resembling a banana bread. Or maybe with coconut flakes . . . the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately i must refrain from baking goodies more than about once a week, one could easily pig out on these!

Josee - 14. Feb, 2011 -

I make these often, well once a week for my children’s lunches. They’re a perfect little snack for them!

Britt - 03. May, 2011 -

Did anyone’s cookies turn green the next day? Mine were more muffin like too..

vicky - 09. Sep, 2011 -

these are SO good! I added a tablespoon of hemp seed and a tablespoon of flax meal for extra nutrition ;) My kids and I ate the whole batch!

Bridget - 05. Oct, 2011 -

I made these with chia ‘egg’ as the egg replacer(2eggs worth) and palm spectrum shortening instead of coconut oil!!!! They are good, grain free and nut free…….woohoo!!!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

Francine Lariviere - 01. Feb, 2012 -

Hey Jen

Here’s one of the recipes you are looking for…enjoy!

Love you!

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criselda - 27. Aug, 2012 -

these are the best cookies. ive made multiple times for my family and friends and coworkers in the last couple of weeks …thanks for sharing this recipe..

Donna J. Shepherd - 03. Sep, 2012 -

Made a double recipe of these last night and they are fantastic! The only modification I made was to add a punch of salt. They are yummy! Thanks so much!

Topsy Turvy Land

Donna J. Shepherd - 03. Sep, 2012 -

OBVIOUSLY, I meant a PINCH of salt. (And I’m a writer. LOL!)

Melissa - 25. Oct, 2012 -

I made these the other night and didn’t have a banana. I substituted 4 tbsp of apple sauce for the banana and didn’t use as much coconut flour (I probably omitted about 2-3 tspb). I think these were the best I have made so far. The apple sauce seemed to add a great deal of moisture. Best ones I’ve made so far (I had only tried them a couple times as I am new to Paleo baking, though).

Maureen Reid - 19. Nov, 2012 -

Organic unrefined coconut oil is much healthier

Renee - 18. Jan, 2013 -

Okay, I’m allergic to bananas and honey, what about using plain greek yogurt (or Vanilla) instead of banana but how much? Thanks much!

Alisha H - 25. Jan, 2013 -

Those were very yummy. I made a batch with 1/2 almond meal. That was good too! :-D

Maria - 25. Jan, 2013 -

I’ve made these two days in a row and two different results. Last night, I followed the instructions to a T and they came out perfect. I decided to make it again after everyone gobbled them up in a second. I got distracted today and instead of mixing the dry ingredients first and then adding them to wet, I put it all in together. Ooops! The dough came out much thicker and it was twice as much as last night and the cookies have a green shade like one of you mentioned. Is it my goof on mixing it all in at once or did I miss something?

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maria - 21. Feb, 2013 -

Coconut is considered a tree nut as far as allergens go. Fewer people are allergic to it, but anything with coconut in it is certainly not “nut-free.”

Anne in MN - 05. Mar, 2013 -

Baked these cookies this weekend. They were a HUGE hit with my family. My 22yo daughter says she’s addicted to them. Two days ago I made a triple batch (had 4 ripe bananas) and there’s less than a dozen left. I added a bit of stevia powder to them, I wanted it a bit sweeter after tasting the dough. These are definitely worth a try.

Chris - 23. Mar, 2013 -

Hello everyone,

I tried this recipe tonight to poor results…my cookies were very mushy and tasted “off”. I made two batches…and same result.

The only thing I can think of is that my coconut oil doesn’t specifically say “refined”…but it says perfect for cooking and baking!

Any ideas? I would really love to perfect this receipe as it’s a healthier altenative to store bought….help!!!

Chris - 23. Mar, 2013 -

Hello all,

I attemped this recipe tonight with poor results…they came out really mushy and tasted a

The only thing I can think of is that my coconut oil doesn’t say “refined”, but it says perfect for cooking and baking.

Does everyone else only bake them for 12 minutes?

I would really like to perfect this recipe. Help!!

Hilary - 12. Apr, 2013 -

Just made these and added cocoa powder instead of choc chips. A little on the dry side, but very good for paleo. Like brownie bites with a hint of banana.

Tutorial theme - 21. Apr, 2013 -

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