Kacie Byam from our kids class 9-14 yrs


As an 11 year old I thought that I would be sleeping in on a Saturday, but no! I go to Caveman every Saturday and Tuesday. I usually have Kylie as my coach, but sometimes Josee, Shane or Kyle. I LOVE doing anything from snatches to even those tiring Burpies. Everybody says I look more confident, stronger and a bit thinner. For Christmas, I got a grey caveman strong sweater and I LOVE IT! Wait… I can’t forget about Tyler! He usually comes around to watch and encourage us! Also, there is always good music on, which makes the work out even better!!!!!!!!!! I feel so much stronger when I go to my Highland dancing class. Kylie is also really nice, when my dad stays later than my class she will talk to me or ask me to come stretch with her. I feel so much stronger in my gym class now! Thank-You Caveman Strong!!!