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Back squat

Work to a heavy 3rep then 2×5 -10-15kg

with ring scap pulls x12r


4 sets

Cuban rotation x6r (4242)

Diagonal stretch x6r/side

Oblique straddle x6r/side






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Wrist stretch 2mins


3 sets

First knuckle x8

Wrist pushup x8

Finger tip pushup x8

Wrist rockers x8

after each set do

15 hollow rocks and 15 arch body snap backs

Line work and shoulder MOB

3 sets of each

Prone HS hold x45sec/ Reverse gripe dislocate x8r

Crow hold x 45sec /table top reps x8

Wall walks x 5/ bar hang x20sec

Play 15mins

Partnered kick ups

Partnered HS holds

rebalancing drills






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Pec flies x8

1 arm row x4/side

bridge reach x4



Back Squat


Between each set do 10 superman’s/side



3 sets of each

200m row

rest 1 min

prowler sprint



Saturday & FOOD first 4 week challenge

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8:30 class

10am stretch

11am Food first 4 week Challenge



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5 sets

Support holds 30s

Shoulder extension holds 30s

4 sets

Plank shoulder taps 20r

Active hang reps 5r


Floor work

4 sets

step behind



L sit and Bridge



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Balance day


What is balance day?

We dedicate every Wednesday’s  group classes to handstand.  In order to perform an efficient freestanding handstand there are some major factors to consider and hard work to put in.  It’s not just about kicking up and hoping to one day stick a 2-3 second handstand and expect to progress from there.  If you’ve been attending weekly you should of already noticed how much work goes into shoulder mobilization, wrist flexibility/strength, core strength and the bulk of our work with the ‘body line’.   We allow 15mins after class to play on our hands which starts off as just playing, learning how to rebalance with then becomes more of a practice and eventually enough awareness and strength to be able to do perform some freestanding handstands with a partner or on your own.    We are eager to teach you everything we’ve been taught from our teachers at Gymnastic Bodies, especially Coach Christopher Sommer.  Our programming is based on their HS series.


Wrist stretch 5mins with basic warm up.



4 sets

First Knuckle x10

Wrist rocks x10

Wrist PU x10

Finger tip x10

after each set perform

15 Hollow rocks

15 arch body rocks

Line work

4 sets of each

Weighted dislocates x10/ Prone HS hold 45s /Oblique openers straddle x5/side

Protraction plate drill to over head x5 / Chest to wall 30s HS/ Weighted Cossacks x5/side

15min of play

Kick up, partnered holds, wall walks, shoulder taps, heel pulls, toe pulls






Saturday and Monday

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8:30 am class



OHS with a plate x5

1 arm row x 8/side

Running man (glute medius, grounded) x8/side

Oblique raise x8/side

Plank positions shoulder or hip taps x16/side


5 rounds

Heavy KB swings x10

Box jumps x10

Plate sit ups x10


10 am stretch






10am -1pm OPEN GYM

9am class, 10am seniors, 12pm class



Split squat 4141


arch body snap backs x12


4 sets

Gymnast stretch x10

Diagonal stretch x5/side

Lat packers x10



Row 1000m

100 double unders






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Strength Work:

Good Mornings 4×10

Cuban Rotations 4×5

* Perform 5 leg raises off the bar after each set

Structural Work:

3 sets

Diagonal Stretch x 5/side

Plank Hold x 45sec

Active Hang reps x 5 (Hold 5th rep for 10sec)

Conditioning Work:

Tabata Tuck ups

Tabata Jump Squats



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Balance day

Wrist stretch 2 mins

Wrist prep

Wrist walk x5

First knuckle x5

Wrist rockers x5

Finger tip P.U. x5

After ea. set do 20 hollow rocks and 20 arch body rocks

4 sets

Shoulders and Line

3 sets of each

Shoulder extension x8r/ prone HS hold 45s

Under grip Dislocates x8r/ CTW HS 30s-45s

Bar hang 20s / Wall runners (or plank variation) x30r

Play 10 mins

partnered kick up, kick up to the wall, tuck ups





Friday – GST Mashup

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Friday – GST Mashup

1. Gymnast stretch x 10, Bridge Rotation x 6, Shrimp Squat x 5/side – 4 sets

2. Inverted Hang on Rings x 45, Crow Hold x 45 – 5 sets

3. Knees in Squat x 10, Hawaiian Squat x 10, Loaded Splits x 10, ** Perform 10 Oblique Raises after each leg exercise**  - 3 sets

4. Conditioning: 5 Pushups, 5 Ring Rows, 5 Hanging leg raises – 8 Minute AMRAP

5. Stretch Straddle and Pike.

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