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Balance Day


Wrist prep:

Dorsal Pushup x 5 / Shrimp Squat x 5 – 3 sets

Fingertip Pushup x 5 / Hawaiin Squat x 5 – 3 sets



Handstand Hold x 45sec / Walking Lunge x 10 steps – 5 sets



Toe Pull x 5 / Broad Jumps x 10 – 3 sets

Lunge Kick up x 5 / Box Jump x 8 – 3 sets


Paleo garden tomato and beef soup

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Balance day!


2 sets of each

First knuckle x10/Shoulder extension x20s

Wrist rock x5/Bar hang x20s

Finn P.U. x5/1 arm plank 10s/side

Line work

3 sets of each.

Arch body hold 60s/ split squats x8/side

Straddle hollow hold 30s/ tuck jumps x8

Crow hold 30s/leg extensions x 8


Chest to wall x30s x3

Kick up 5×5/side




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3 sets

Cherry pickers x10

Gymnast stretch x5

Trunk circles x5/side

Natural leg extension x10



5 sets

Chin up/ring row/ground row x5

Twisting squat x10

Dips x5-10

5 sets

Cuban rotation x 10

Shrimp squat x5

Active hang x20s-Deadhang x20s (one rep, don’t let go of the bar for 40s)


4 sets of each

Supermans x60s

Tuck ups x60s

Straddle glute med raise. 60s








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Clean and Jerk



4 sets

30 double unders

15 mountain climbers/side

30 KB swings

15 burpees

Paleo Kale salad with creamy lemon dressing

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This recipe is a great way to use up some of the kale growing wildly in your garden.

I serve this salad as a side and sometimes as a main dish with added chicken or turkey.  It’s rich in flavor and in nutrients.


Paleo Creamy Lemon Garlic dressing

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I originally made this dressing to toss with a kale salad…. but I love it so much that now I top all my salads with this sweet, citrusy dressing.

Paleo Kale salad with Creamy lemon garlic dressing.

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Tuesday (10am Stretch)

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Tuesday (10am Stretch)


Strength/Skill Work:

Good Mornings 4 x 8

Pendlat Row 3 x 12


Conditioning Work:


* All to the street and back.

Farmer’s Walk 


Sandbag Carry – Zercher


Barbell Overhead Carry



10am – STRETCH

Paleo Coconut chocolate cookies

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This recipe is so simple, my 6 year old can make them with her eyes closed.

During this time of year I receive a mass amount of emails and mages asking what I fill my kids lunch bag with.

Here’s an example.

Carrot sticks

Cucumber slices

Homemade apple sauce

3-4 oz of cooked meat (cold or hot in a thermos) or 2 hard boiled eggs

A snack bag of plantain chips

2 paleo cookies

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Strength/Skill Work:

Turkish Get up 5 x 3/side

* Perform 10 ring rows after each set.


Structural Work:

2 of each..

Lizard Crawl / Bear Crawl / Frog Hop / Step Behind 

* Perform 10 Hollow Rocks after each crawl


Conditioning Work:

Run 3 k