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Balance day

Wrist and Shoulder

3 sets

Hollow rocks 60s

Arch Body rocks 60s

3 sets

First Knuckle P.U. x5

Jeff curl x10

Loaded Dislocates x10

3 sets

Wrist P.U. x5

Cossaks x10

Gymnast stretch x10

3 sets

Elevated prone HS hold x45s

Wall walks x2-3








GST Fridays

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3 sets

30s hollow hold or rocks

30s arch body hold or rocks


3 sets

Cossaks x10r

P.U. x 10r

Hanging knee raises x10r


3 sets

Oblique raises x8/side

Running man x15r

Side step ups or Pistol squats x5/side





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Wrist and Shoulders

Straddle Oblique stretch x5/side / Pike bounce x10 (3 sets)

Gymnast stretch x8/ Plank hold x45s (3 sets)

Jeff curl x 5/ Prone HS hold x60s (3 sets)

Shoulder taps x20/ Step behind x turf  (3 sets)



Work on kick ups


Free standing HS




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Balance day

Wrist stretches

2 sets

Wrist pu x5r / Wolf stretch x5/s

Wrist rocks x5r / Prone pelvic tilts x10r

First knuckle x5r / Sub Scap pu x10r

Fingertip pu x5r / Dislocate x 10r

3 sets of each

Arch body rocks x20r / Hollow rocks x20r

Prone H.S. hold x60s with partner- rest 60s

Angry cats x45s / Weighted Cossacks x8r


Kick up to wall-tuck down x5r OR Tuck up (free standing) to HS and tuck down

Kick up to partner x5r or Kick up to partner 30s hold or 30s freestanding







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Wrist and shoulder prep 5 mins


Pelvic tilts x15/ disslocates x15r

Prone handstand hold x60s / Gymnast stretch x8r (3 sets)

Chest to wall 45s/ Waking lunges x8/side (3 sets)

Toe pulls x5-10r / Box jumps x10r (2 sets)

Kick ups x5r or 30s hold (2 sets)

Tuck up 5r or 30s hold or tuck down 5 reps (2 sets)






GST Friday

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4 sets of

Oblique raises x10/side

Weighted side to side squats x 5/side

Jeff curl x8r


3 sets

Scap pulls x10

Running man x20r

Oblique straddle x20r


2 sets

L sit hold x20s

straddle hold x20s

Tuck planche x20s


Split pulses and roll overs











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Wrist prep and P.U.


3 sets

Loaded dislocates x10

Prone HS flexion pulses with bar x10


3 sets

Wall walks x3-5 or plank walk with sliders -turf

Twisting squats x5/side


3 sets

Chest to wall x45s

Knees in squat x10r



2 sets of each

Tuck up x5- 5 sec hold on each

or tuck down neg on wall x5

Scissor Drill x8r

Heel pulls x5-10r










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**POTLUCK this Saturday August 8th from 1-6pm.  Bring your family and friends, we’ll be set up near the paddle board, kayak and paddle boat rentals. **




3 sets

OH wall squat x8r

Table rocks x8r

Inch worms x4r



6 sets

KB clean and press single arm x3/side

Ring rows x8r




KB swings

Box jumps





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Balance Day

Wrist, shoulder prep

Line work


3 sets of each

Long hollow inch worms 5 reps / 60s hollow rocks

1x scap push up  1x pelvic tilts 10 sets/ 60s arch body rocks

HS hold 45s-60s / step behind 12r


Toe pulls with partner 10r 2 sets each

Kick up to partner 30s hold 2 sets each

Wall runners 100-300r



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5 sets

Side plank x40s


Arch body holds 40s



TGU x3/side

OH wall squat x6-8r




Cumberland and back (2km) rest 1 min

York and back (1km) rest 1 min

Lights and back ( 400m) rest 1 min