Food First: Clean Eating

    Where? Caveman Strong 44 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON. (613) 551-2751 When? This Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at 11:00am. What? Change your bad eating habits in just four (4) weeks for only $50; this is the cheapest life change you’ll ever make. Who? Josée Fillion – Caveman Strong Coach

Traveller’s Pack

Adaptive Bodyworks Workshop


Wednesday Balance Day — Wrists and flex: first knuckle x 10 with straddle pulse x 20 – 3 sets Finn pushup x 5 with gymnast stretch x 5 – 3 sets — Line and SLS Pistol x 3-5 with straddle rock x 10 – 3 sets hawaiian squat x 3-5 with arch body snap back […]

The New Year and Caveman Strong’s direction

The New Year and Caveman Strong’s direction Another year has passed. Imagine the gym is going on 5 years old soon enough! For those of you who have been around its pretty amazing to witness. What I notice even more is the depth and philosophy of the program. This program changes faster than most even […]


Thursday Strength: 15 minutes of work.. Push up x 5 Chinup x 5 Walking lunge x 10 _____ Structural work: 3 sets.. Ballerina stretch x 12/side Bridge wall walk x 3 _____ Conditioning: 5 rounds.. Box jump x 15 Kettlebell swing x 15    


Tuesady Strength: Back  Squat 6 x 6 Structural: 3 sets. Squat Rotation x 10 Jefferson Curl x 10 Gymnast Stretch x  10 Conditioning: Sled push x 3 rounds

New Program! Starts Monday.

New Program! Starts Monday. New Program Description. This program will run for 3 weeks with the following ’3′ themes.. – Back Squat – Power Clean – Pancake  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will have these 3 elements in the workout. I suggest you keep a journal and document the magic as it happens. Balance Day will […]

Our Powerful Connection to Akwesasne

Our Powerful Connection to Akwesasne First off I want all people to know that this article comes from my heart – simply and purely. When it comes to all people of this world I see only human beings. I see brothers and sisters and nothing else. I travel all the time due to the fact […]

Monday (New classes start this week!)

Monday (New classes start this week!) As promised we will be introducing a ‘stretching and shoulder prehab’ class. This class will be held on Tuesday’s at 10am and Saturday’s at 10am. Long intense holds to open up the hips, hamstrings, Achilles, Calves coupled with upper body Shoulder mobility work. This class is for all. As […]

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