Friday & Saturday

Friday & Saturday ___ Gymnastics Friday 1. Wrist Pushups x 10 / Split Squats x 10 / Leg Raises x 5 – 3 sets 2. Skin the cat x 3-5 / Inside Squat x 10 / Arch to box x 10 – 3 sets 3. Wall Squat x 10 / Compression V-ups x 20(20) / […]

Food First: Clean Eating

    Where? Caveman Strong 44 Pitt St. Cornwall, ON. (613) 551-2751 When? This Saturday, April 11th, 2015 at 11:00am. What? Change your bad eating habits in just four (4) weeks for only $50; this is the cheapest life change you’ll ever make. Who? Josée Fillion – Caveman Strong Coach

Traveller’s Pack

Adaptive Bodyworks Workshop


Wednesday Balance Day — Wrists and flex: first knuckle x 10 with straddle pulse x 20 – 3 sets Finn pushup x 5 with gymnast stretch x 5 – 3 sets — Line and SLS Pistol x 3-5 with straddle rock x 10 – 3 sets hawaiian squat x 3-5 with arch body snap back […]

The New Year and Caveman Strong’s direction

The New Year and Caveman Strong’s direction Another year has passed. Imagine the gym is going on 5 years old soon enough! For those of you who have been around its pretty amazing to witness. What I notice even more is the depth and philosophy of the program. This program changes faster than most even […]


Thursday Strength: 15 minutes of work.. Push up x 5 Chinup x 5 Walking lunge x 10 _____ Structural work: 3 sets.. Ballerina stretch x 12/side Bridge wall walk x 3 _____ Conditioning: 5 rounds.. Box jump x 15 Kettlebell swing x 15    


Tuesady Strength: Back  Squat 6 x 6 Structural: 3 sets. Squat Rotation x 10 Jefferson Curl x 10 Gymnast Stretch x  10 Conditioning: Sled push x 3 rounds

New Program! Starts Monday.

New Program! Starts Monday. New Program Description. This program will run for 3 weeks with the following ’3′ themes.. – Back Squat – Power Clean – Pancake  Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will have these 3 elements in the workout. I suggest you keep a journal and document the magic as it happens. Balance Day will […]

Our Powerful Connection to Akwesasne

Our Powerful Connection to Akwesasne First off I want all people to know that this article comes from my heart – simply and purely. When it comes to all people of this world I see only human beings. I see brothers and sisters and nothing else. I travel all the time due to the fact […]

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