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All these paleo recipes are uniquely created and tested by Josee Filion - a coach here at Caveman Strong

Cinnamon coconut crunch.

*NOTE- This is not intended to be a meal and/or to replace breakfast, especially for those who are trying to lose body fat and/or keep their sugar intake on a low. I don’t eat these types of treats very often, and I mostly make them for my kids who are both super active and involved […]

Gluten free, Dairy free Bagels (paleo)


Bone Broth

“A good broth will resurrect the dead” – South american proverb. A cure-all in traditional households and the magic ingredient in classic gourmet cuisine, stock or broth made from bones of chicken, fish and beef builds strong bones, heals sore throats, nurtures the sick, puts sparkle in love life–so say grandmothers, midwives and healers Recipes […]

Smoked Paprika organic chicken wings

Paleo garden tomato and beef soup

Paleo Kale salad with creamy lemon dressing

This recipe is a great way to use up some of the kale growing wildly in your garden. I serve this salad as a side and sometimes as a main dish with added chicken or turkey.  It’s rich in flavor and in nutrients.  

Paleo Creamy Lemon Garlic dressing

  I originally made this dressing to toss with a kale salad…. but I love it so much that now I top all my salads with this sweet, citrusy dressing. Paleo Kale salad with Creamy lemon garlic dressing. Having a hard time keeping your diet on track?  Click here NOW to download this 2 week meal […]

Paleo Coconut chocolate cookies

  This recipe is so simple, my 6 year old can make them with her eyes closed. During this time of year I receive a mass amount of emails and mages asking what I fill my kids lunch bag with. Here’s an example. Carrot sticks Cucumber slices Homemade apple sauce 3-4 oz of cooked meat […]

Paleo Lemon pie


Paleo Pancakes

I started making these for my kids when they were sick of eating eggs for breakfast.  I got quite good at them and have pretty much mastered the pancake. Only 5 ingredients and very easy.

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