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KEVIN JANS TESTIMONIAL It begins just after the age of 13 when I started gaining weight, became chubby and was no longer the natural athlete I thought I was.  I was so shy and afraid of what others thought that I wouldn’t take off my shirt at pool parties and wore large shirts to hide […]

Chase Lemoy (Summer Student) testimonial

Chase Lemoy (Summer Student) testimonial I believe my testimonial has to start in March 2012.  After my third year at Ottawa U, I returned to Cornwall with a fair amount of strength, but also with what had become a perennial “freshman 15”, which was more like 40 pounds.  Loving to lift weights I quickly began […]


JESSE SEGUIN Since the age of 12 I have had a struggle with weight.  An emotional eater who comes from a long line of fast, fried and junk food eaters.  I participated in organized sports which  burned off some of the copious calories I was consuming.  “The biggest guy in the class” was my badge […]

Joel from the Boys and Girls club

Tyler, I felt inspired to write this morning. Here’s the testimonial you asked me to write. ___________ The Boys & Girls Club of Cornwall/SDG asked me if I would be interested in participating in their partnered program with Caveman Strong, Inside Strong. I had been looking to take my health and fitness to a new […]

Kacie Byam from our kids class 9-14 yrs

As an 11 year old I thought that I would be sleeping in on a Saturday, but no! I go to Caveman every Saturday and Tuesday. I usually have Kylie as my coach, but sometimes Josee, Shane or Kyle. I LOVE doing anything from snatches to even those tiring Burpies. Everybody says I look more […]

Catherine Cousineau

Let’s start a year ago, December 2011…. I was 29 years old, mother of two young kids (my youngest was a year old back then). Obese since I was a kid, sedentary, asthmatic with severe seasonal allergies from April to November, depressed, knee and lower back pain. I HATED seeing myself in photographs and I was […]

Chantal Menard Testimonial

Chantal Menard Testimonial My name is Chantal Menard, I’m a 37 year old mom of 2 girls (12 & 14). This is the story of my last year at Caveman Strong. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 1 year since I joined Caveman Strong. I joined on a temporary basis because I had purchased […]


JUSTIN ALEPINS TESTIMONIAL My Testimonial: I heard about Caveman Strong from a best friend who had been going there for a few months. She constantly suggested that I go and check it out for myself. I had never been fond of the idea of gyms in general, having a stereotyped picture in my head and […]

Elaine Heath Testimonial

In Training for a Healthier Life Tyler asked if I would write a testimonial on how Caveman Strong is benefiting me, so here goes. My son and fellow caveman, Jamie, first encouraged me to check out a few classes at the gym back in January. At first, I was hesitant because I have c.o.p.d. and […]

Craig’s Story

Craig’s Story By: Craig Thompson I found my way to Caveman Strong after going through some challenges in life. I’ll spare you all the details, but I had just made a big decision and was searching for a sense of belonging and acceptance in my community. And I quickly found both at the gym. I […]

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