WOD – Workout Of The Day



Tuesday Balance Day * Play element at the end of class. 5-10 minutes. 

Monday (Last week of wave!)

Monday (Last week of wave!) ___ Strength/Skill Work: Max out session. All max’s must be watched by a Coach. This will ensure proper positions even more so. Back Squat Power Clean ___ Structural Work: 3 Rounds warm up of each. Step Behind / Bear Crawl Straight Legs ___ Conditioning Work: Row 500 meters.


Saturday 830 – class – open gym – kids 10am – Stretch


Friday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 6-4-2 Power Clean 6-4-2 __ Structural Work: 3 sets.. Dislocate x 20 Cossack x 20 Broad Jumps – Turf __ Conditioning Work: Tabata!! Squat / Rock Climber / Hollow Rock


Thursday Strength/Skill Work: 5 sets Heavy KB Swing x 8 Ring Row x 8 Dips x 8 __ Structural Work: Partnered Pancake (1 Minute per partner working PNF in the pancake) 10 Minutes of work. 5 Minutes per partner. __ Conditioning Work: 3 Sets of.. Kettlebell Thruster x 8 Burpee x 8    


Day 5 of 9 of the wave.. __ Wednesday __ Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 6-4-2 Power Clean 6-4-2 __ Structural Work: 2 Sets.. Tri-Lat Stretch x 1 min Hip opener (squat drill) x 10 __ Conditioning Work: 5 of each.. Sprints / Side Shuffle ‘low’ 


Tuesday Balance Day: __ Wrist prep and leg work: 3 sets: Dorsal pushup x 5 with Cossack x 5/side (Hold bottom of each cossack for 5 seconds)  3 sets: Subscap Pushup x 5 with Squat Rotation x 6/side __ Line Work: Loarded Arch Body Hold x 25seconds with Pistol work x  3 reps per side […]

Ottawa Gym opens! Monday Workout

Ottawa Gym Opens! The community that continues to grow and spread like wild fire is officially opening up in the great city of Ottawa tomorrow at 6am! How cool is it that when each person who walks in to Caveman Strong in Cornwall or Human 2.0 in Ottawa – they will all be doing the […]

Friday & Saturday

Friday & Saturday Friday __ Structural Work: 3 rounds.. Cossack x 12 Shoulder Wall Drill x 8 Inch Worm with Back bend x 4 __ Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 8-6-4 Power Clean 8-6-4 __ Structural Work: 3 Rounds.. Pancake Stretch x 1 minute Tri/Lat stretch x 1 minute Forearm Plank x 1 minute __ Saturday […]


Thursday Strength/Skill Work: Turkish Get up 5 x 3/side * Perform 10 ring rows after each set. __ Structural Work: 2 of each.. Lizard Crawl / Bear Crawl / Frog Hop / Step Behind  * Perform 10 Hollow Rocks after each crawl __ Conditioning Work: Run 3 k

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