WOD – Workout Of The Day


Monday – SPECIAL HOURS 10/11/12

Monday – SPECIAL HOURS 10/11/12 ____ Strength/Skill Work: Clean and Jerk – Max ____ Conditioning Work: MOVEMENT CHALLENGE ____  


Saturday Strength/Skill Work: Back Squat 4 x 8 __ Structural Work: Handstand Hold x 30s x 5 sets Hanging work as rest ** __ Conditioning Work: H20 Movement Challenge.. 


Friday Structural 3 sets Cherry pickers x10 Gymnast stretch x5 Trunk circles x5/side Natural leg extension x10   Strength 5 sets Chin up/ring row/ground row x5 Twisting squat x10 Dips x5-10 5 sets Cuban rotation x 10 Shrimp squat x5 Active hang x20s-Deadhang x20s (one rep, don’t let go of the bar for 40s) Conditioning […]


Thursday Strength Clean and Jerk 8×2 Conditioning 4 sets 30 double unders 15 mountain climbers/side 30 KB swings 15 burpees

Wednesday – Balance Day

Wednesday – Balance Day WP: Wrist Rock x 10 / Planche Lean x 20sec / Tuck Hang x 20sec – 3 sets Line: Arch Body Rock x 60s / Walking Lunge x 8/side – 3 sets Tuck Rock x 60s / Broad Jumps x 12 – 3 sets HS: HeadStand x 30s / Box Jump […]

Tuesday (10am Stretch)

Tuesday (10am Stretch) __ Strength/Skill Work: Good Mornings 4 x 8 Pendlat Row 3 x 12 __ Conditioning Work: STRONGMAN WORKOUT * All to the street and back. Farmer’s Walk  Run Sandbag Carry – Zercher Run Barbell Overhead Carry Run __ 10am – STRETCH


Monday Strength/Skill Work: Clean and Jerk 8 x 2 __ Structural Work: Squat Rotation x 12 Subscap Pushup x 8 Active Hang ‘Pulls’ x 6 __ Conditioning Work: 150 Double Unders  

Friday & Saturday

Friday & Saturday __ Friday GST MASHUP FRIDAY’S A) 3 SETS Dislocate (face down – eagle grip) x 15 Diagonal Stretch x 10 German Hang x 30s Twisting Squat x 10 __ B) 3 sets Planche Hold x 30s Bridge Hold x 30s L-Sit Hold x 30s (Butt on ground, feet elevated, hands supporting on […]


Wednesday Balance day! Wrist 2 sets of each First knuckle x10 /cossaks x10/hollow rock x 60sec Finn push up x5/ natural leg extensions x10/tuck ups x 60sec Line work 3 sets of each H.S. hold facing down x 45s/ super mans x 10r/side/ twisted squat x 10r Arch body hold x45/standing protraction drill (plate) x […]

Tuesday (10am Stretch)

Tuesday Strength/Skill Work: 5 sets.. Ring Row x 12 Walking Lunge x 12 __ Structural Work: 4 Sets.. Step Behind x 10 Crab x 10 Lizard x 10 __ Conditioning Work: 50 Burpees for Time! __ 10AM – STRETCH

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