The fact is without proper coaching no person including our very own coaches will advance in their journey to better health.
We all need to be coached. We all need feedback. And most importantly we all need direction.

Our method is group fitness at it’s best. Don’t confuse our group fitness with something like a spinning class or CrossFit. The difference is that when we see a problem, an imbalance, a postural issue, etc – we take the time to show you and coach you specifically in order that you fix this ‘weak link’ and continue on with the group.

We have many people with specific needs working with the group. People with back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.. It’s very simple: ‘What you can do with the group you do, and what would hinder progress you cannot do”.. You will always be taken care of and given the right protocol specific to your needs.

This method works far better than most. You pay a little more for your membership but you get unlimited personal training. To pay a personal trainer for 2-3 sessions per week usually cost between 100-200 dollars per week. Not the most feasible way to better health.

Of course if someone needs ‘One-on-One’ training or physiotherapy we would always use our judgment and provide the necessary.