Caveman Strong’s program has become world renowned.. Tyler Touchette (Head Coach and Owner) has been around for 15 years in the game of health and fitness and has had the opportunity to work with some of the best Coaches and Health Experts in the World. This is how the program has become known all over the globe.

Even though Caveman Strong teaches Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics, Movement, Rehab, Mobility, and so much more – it’s true nucleus is Group Training. Training the average person to better health is there absolute specialty.. Beginners, people with injuries, special populations, and all those people who are scared to death of gyms and fitness; Caveman Strong is the place to call home.

The program itself is always evolving. Always learning and refining. Always. 

This program is world renowned due to this simple staple. Caveman Strong is dedicated to continuously improving it’s service for the good people that show up on a day to day basis.

Caveman Strong has worked with all the biggest names in the industry including:

Gymnastic Bodies and Coach Christopher Sommer (Caveman Strong is the only Canadian Affiliate

Awaken Gymnastics Inspired Fitness and Coach Orench Lagman

Agatsu (Shawn Mozen and Sarah Claire Lajeunesse)

CrossFit (Every single certification)

Robb Wolf – Nutrition

Charles Poliquin (PICP 1&2 and Biosignature)

Ido Portal

Many Weightlifting legends including Alex Varbanov, Dalas Santavy, Pierre Roy, Dimitry Klokov, Ivan Abadjiev, First Pull, etc.. 

* Not to mention many many more..

At the end of the day the clients of Caveman Strong sleep easy knowing fully that they are in good hands. They know that their coaches are of the highest calibre and always improving.