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Invest in your yourself.

CavemanStrong or ‘the Cave’ is a community of like minded individuals who come together to better themselves through movement, mindfulness, and education. Being healthy in an unhealthy world requires both learning and unlearning. 

Guidance is the key to developing the mind and body. This community is ever evolving and seeking the absolute best methods to improve the body, mind and spirit and promote an ‘anti-ageing’ affect for all its members.

Tyler Touchette is creator/owner and Head Coach of Caveman Strong. The philosophy is based on 15 years of his hard work in the health and fitness industry. The philosophy has consistently gained momentum over the years and has reached many corners of the province, country and planet.

The entire philosophy is based on learning. Learning what truly works for the body to age properly, move properly, improve consistently,  and quite simply – to be happy!

How does a person age better, move better, and improve all the time?


Guidance is the key to developing the mind and body.

Very simple.. Be humble and learn from professionals. Tyler coaches the elderly, our youth, special populations, pro athletes, and everything in between! His team of professionals are incredibly knowledgable and helpful in order that each and every person that works with us PROGRESSES. Many of our people have been with us for 10 plus years. They come and never leave because they know we take good care of them.