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HEad Coach & Founder of Caveman Strong

The Caveman strong team has spent hundreds of hours in training, certification, skill-development and application of their knowledge. 

Tyler brings a wealth of experience and is the driving force behind the Caveman Strong Philosophy. A passionate advocate for movement and nutrition as a cure to many of our world’s problems, Tyler is dedicated to getting the message out to as any people as he is capable of.

Tyler has over 20 years as a leader in the fitness industry, often speaking and delivering workshops across the planet. His specialty is working with fitness trainers to help them develop a sounder learning experience for their clients while also instilling the message of movement as a foundation to health. He has worked with Olympic medalists, professional athletes and professional teams, but his heart is in teaching youth and underprivileged communities.


Movement is medicine

As a coach, Tyler brings a calm and welcoming approach to group fitness – something that is evident the moment you take a class with him. Although he is a sought-after trainer, father and husband, Tyler is constantly learning and attending seminars to improve his own knowledge. The ever-minded student is a key component to the philosophy that is Caveman Strong.

A short list of teachers that have helped Tyler and his team create the Caveman Strong Program:


  • Shawn Mozen – Agatsu
  • Jozef Frucek – Fighting Monkey
  • Naudi Aguilar – FP
  • Grey Cook – FMS
  • Ido Portal
  • Gymnastic Bodies
  • Charle Poliquin
  • Paul Chek
  • Pavel Tsatsouline
  • CrossFit Inc

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