The Running Workshop
Partnered With Optimize Academy and the Foot Collective

Running defines us as humans. This workshop will give you a unique perspective on the skill and movement pattern of running. It aims to simplify the topic and provide concrete and effective ways to improve your running technique, build running specific strength/mobility, and make running a sustainable and lifelong activity.

What it coverS

  • Running principles: technique, running mechanics, efficiency, research/evidence for running in a specific manner.
  • Mobility for runners: specific mobility requirements and mobility techniques to improve running mechanics.
  • Strength for runners: specific strength requirements for runners. exercise/training progressions for runners to build up more resilience outside of running. Focus will be on hip and core strength.
  • Running drills: developing elasticity and tissue tolerance as a runner. Running specific drills/exercises will be demonstrated. Myofascial slings will be introduced.
  • Running component: we’ll finish with a short run to practice what we have learned.


Workshop Details

Date: Saturday May 4th, 2019

Location: Caveman Strong (Cornwall, Ontario)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: $50

Signup deadline: Friday May 3rd @ 5pm