Are you ready to embark in a ‘Dream Journey’ to Costa Rica; one of the most magical destinations on earth? We’ve travelled quite a bit but no place has ‘blended’ with our own philosophy as much as Costa Rica. The ocean, the beaches, the beautiful people, the living jungle, and the super calm vibe that accompanies all of it – is exactly why we have taken on this project. When we were approached by Tribe Wire we just knew we had to collaborate with them and make our journey available to the rest of the world. We like to move around, walk a lot, eat clean and local, sleep, experience the local culture, and drench ourselves in some of the most powerful NATURE in the world. We love coming back feeling completely refreshed with a new found energy that both the land and our lifestyle has to offer.

WE hope to see you there!

– Tyler and Josee

We have partnered with Tribe Wire to co-create this unique, expansive and authentic journey. They are a group of like-minded individuals with integrity, with a vision that is absolutely beautiful. They care about who they work with and we are lucky to have made such a partnership. Ecology, organic food, local traditions (sweat lodges, tribal dance), and many other hidden gems will be made available to you on this once in a lifetime journey!

Tyler Touchette will teach strength and movement sessions. Tyler is a well-known strength coach, who has worked with all types of people from professional athletes to kids to seniors. He prides himself on his ability to connect with each individual and get them moving properly and in the right direction specific to their very needs. He has owned his own facility in Ontario, Canada for over 10+ years. He believes in working on the basics and making sure your foundation is rock solid. His approach is intelligent, laid back, and 100% about ageing well, moving well, and feeling your absolute best.

Mike and Nick from The Foot Collective will be starting our tribe off each morning with a session to reconnect with our foundation, restore optimal foot mobility and reclaim functional hips. Each session will include education on topics including why our feet become problematic, the negative effects of modern footwear, foot strengthening drills, connection of the hips to our feet, restoring optimal hip mobility and more. Their aim is to empower people each morning to better understand their feet and to open up the feet and hips to prime them for the movement filled day ahead of you.

Alex Herrera from MOVENPLAY will lead you into an authentic practice influenced by the work of Ido Portal. Movenplay draws inspiration and knowledge from traditional Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Parkour and Dance. The opportunity to rediscover how PLAY is our original state of learning, and how “we are built to PLAY and built through PLAY” Research Primal locomotion patterns intrinsic to our nature. Rediscover the importance of how MOVEMENT and PLAY lie at the heart of creative growth and everyday life.

To ensure the unique, unprecedented nature of this journey, we’re including incredible authentic healing offerings you can’t get anywhere else. All centred on the elements for the ultimate reconnection package.

Each person is different and the goal is to have every single person leaving at the end of the week feeling better than when they arrived. Movement sessions are an important part of the process but still merely a part. Enjoying the natural elements, having downtime, having your own time to explore, meet the people, etc… are all also integral parts to this journey.


The experience will be hosted at Rayos Del Sol ( – a 25 acre property located in Guanacaste. Located 10km North of Nosara, the retreat centre is embedded in the wild jungle with the primary buildings located at the top of a hill with panoramic ocean views. The grounds include an outdoor gym, obstacle course, fire pit, jungle trails, access to the beach, a pool overlooking the valley to the ocean and much more.

Retreat price includes all lodging, meals and ground transportation (shuttle provided on arrival from Liberia airport to Rayos on Feb 15 and return shuttle provided from Rayos back to Liberia airport on Feb 23). Air conditioned rooms, wifi in the common areas and three daily meals prepared with local, fresh, organic ingredients by a private chef are all part of the experience. 


The retreat will be a fully curated experience with programming that includes daily breath/meditation sessions, two 1/2 day surfing experiences, jungle obstacle course time trials, sweat lodge, cacao ceremony, evening balance/flow sessions, tree planting beach conservation and daily education sessions delivered by Health Nerds on the topics of movement, play, food, sleep, mental health, ego, finding your purpose and much more (See prelim programming itinerary in the info package available below)

download the 2020 retreat information package

Full daily programming breakdown
Room prices, payment schedule
Flight booking information

Workshop Details

Start Date: Feb 15, 2020, 4:00 PM

End Date: Feb 22, 2020, 10:00 AM

Location: Nosara, Costa Rica

Duration: 7 Days

Cost: $500 to sign up

50% remainder due Dec 1st
50% remainder due Jan 25th


Shared Room: (3-4 guests) $1,995/person
Double Room: (2 guests) $2,395/person
Single Room: (private) $2,795/person