Sprint Lab with Coach Andre Talbot
Join us outside on the track for this incredible opportunity to assess and train for the art and skill of sprinting.

Sprint Lab sessions include the assessment and training of prerequisite mobility and stability of joints and tissues that support the development of your kinetic and elastic potential through this progressive approach to coordination, speed and power training.

Explore the many benefits of sprint training:

  • Widely transferable skill in athletics and general movement (including long-distance running)
  • Improve bio-mechanical efficiency
  • Improve vitality across various body systems – endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic, immune, musculoskeletal
  • Develop rhythm and coordination
  • Develop strength and power potential
  • Build muscle and target fast twitch fibers
  • Assess personal movement compensations and pinpoint areas that may be lacking mobility or stability
  • Experience “flow state” and the joy of training outdoors

Sprint Lab Overview:

Part 1 – assessing, mobilizing, stabilizing, coordination & rhythm, stride mechanics
Part 2 – power, agility & conditioning

About Coach Talbot:

Andre Talbot has spent most of his life training for speed, agility and explosiveness. His dedication took him to elite levels of success as an athlete garnering him All-Canadian status, a Grey Cup Championship and 10 years as a professional football player in the CFL. He’s had the opportunity to train with and be coached by elite level track & field coaches including Canadian Olympian sprinter Desai Williams. As a movement educator for over 18 years, Andre brings a wealth of experience to movement and skills training. Whether it be for sport-specific applications, rehabilitation, or a generalist movement practice you will be guided through an inclusive and progressive approach. Andre is the co-founder, along with his wife Catalina, of Spirit Loft Movement Centre, Toronto’s east end m

Workshop Details

Date: July 13th, 2019

Time: 12-4pm

Location: Caveman Strong (Cornwall, Ontario)

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $150