solid Foundation to your fitness training education

Get the training tools you need to build your fitness business

The caveman strong Teacher training gives you a significant advantage over other fitness professionals because of the deep fundamentals weaved into this course.


Here’s what you get:
  • Learn how to develop your own programming
  • Understand how to properly assess clients and their needs
  • Learn the underlying biomechanics of proper movements and lifts
  • Get the confidence to coach individuals and in group dynamics
  • Get the educational foundation to build your fitness training business

Caveman strong takes the path less travelled and tackles fitness from a refreshing, educated, and passionate perspective.

Alison Jane

Get the proper training that sets you up to win, for both you and your clients.

The Caveman Strong Teacher Training is 6 module foundation series spread over 12 days of training designed for fitness instructors, coaches, personal trainers, physiotherapist – anyone that’s involved in helping clients better move their bodies.

The modules cover everything you need to improve your teaching abilities, run your own programming and includes some very hands-on practical knowledge that will improve your relationship with clients, your bottom line and how you attract clients.


If you are interested in becoming a fitness instructor, this workshop is where to begin.


Throughout the 12-day training course, you’ll receive both theoretical and applicable training on topics like Kettlebells, Nutrition, Programming Design, Assessment, and so much more.

The Caveman Strong Teacher Training is hosted by Tyler Touchette, owner and founder of Caveman Strong. Tyler’s 20+ years of experience and certifications is what makes this course unique and stand out from other training course.



6 Course Modules during the 12-day course
  • Module 1 – Assessment, Anatomy & Mobility
  • Module 2 – Kettlebells
  • Module 3 – Body Weight
  • Module 4 – Barbells & Dumbells
  • Module 5 – Nutrition
  • Module 6 – Athletics & Program Design

Build your expertise on a solid foundation.

This 12-day intensive training is the perfect foundation for physiotherapists, fitness coaches, personal trainers and anyone involved in helping clients use their bodies to move better.

Gym SChedule.

We offer group fitness classes several times per day. Our membership allows you attend as many classes as you like on your own schedule. We also offer specialized classes like boxing, weightlifting, seniors and others.

Join caveman strong.

We’ve spent the last 15 years developing programming and coaching systems that mentor you towards your ideal-self – healthy fit and happy. It’s time to take ownership of your health and get started today.