Virtual TRaining

Group COACHING Program

Word-Class coaching in a group setting all from the comfort of your living room

World-class Instruction


two-way coaching System


different class types


Access to members-only Facebook Group


Community-driven motivation


No equipment needed

We want to be clear: this is not just a video where you are following along to instruction…

You will be coached, queued, engaged and instructed. We strongly believe that proper coaching means safely moving through different disciplines and we do that by watching you move and coaching you on how to do it properly and safely, all via the web.

We’re providing two-way coaching which is the closest thing to be being in our gym, but virtually accessible from anywhere you have an internet connection. And we do it by using ZOOM video platform that enables us all to join in on a “conference-style” virtual group fitness class.


How does it work?

Once you join and register for your membership, you’ll get access to a private Facebook group with all our members (over 180 and growing each day). In the group, you’ll have access to our class schedule that includes the group class link that you’ll use to join the class via ZOOM from your laptop. Once you’re logged into the class, we take it from there. You can join one class or all of them! There’s no limit on how many classes you can take. It’ll be easy and we’ll be there to provide any technical assistance if you need it.


What kind of classes are there?

We’re glad you asked because this is where we things get really interesting. With your membership, you’ll have access to 

  • Meditation
  • Group Fitness Class
  • Seniors Fitness Class
  • Easy Movement (beginner-friendly)
  • Gymnastics and Body Weight Class
  • Kettlebell Workout
  • Boxing (coming soon)
  • Kid ‘fighting arts’ Program (coming soon)

Most of our members have one class that they look forward to each day, but they also really enjoy exploring other classes and disciplines. AND YOU GET UNLIMITED ACCESS TO ALL OF THEM!


Why should I signup?

Great question. As a member, you get access to the CavemanStrong community, which includes unprecedented access to world-class coaching from industry leaders, a wide range of training styles and a keen focus on your success.

Our training systems paired with our community-style membership is at the core of our success. Along with community access, you get to join as many classes as you want, but the true value in being a CavemanStrong member comes from finally achieving the health and fitness goals that you know you’re capable of reaching.



Virtual member Pricing

$150 $120/month

We make it easy to get started, and we’ll take care of the heavy lifting. Use the button below to purchase your membership and complete your registration

Remember, you’re not alone in this and soon you’ll have the entire CavemanStrong community supporting you.


Thanks for the awesome workout, Tyler! Great way to stay active and connected with others during this time.

Elizabeth Spagnolo

Thanks for the great home workouts this week!

Stacey McCallum-Bruyere

Finally signed on for my virtual workout with Tyler Touchette through CavemanStrong! So grateful for having such an uplifting and supportive team if coaches, more so during these times, to help keep me grounded (and sane and on the path to achieving my goals. Thank you/Nia:wen!!

Meghan Barnes

Thank you, Tyler. Another great workout done with this morning’s 9am workout video! So grateful for them.

Rachel Fontaine

First remote workout – it was awesome. Improvised for the weights but still broke a sweat. Nia:wen Tyler!!

Lisa Francis-Benedict

Thank God for you guys!! Not sure what I would do without the two of you, I’ve been starting my day for the past 9 1/2 years, and knowing I can still see you guys and get a good workout in makes me happier than words can say! THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART

Cassandra O’shaughnessy

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