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Take ownership of your health. 

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Join one of our in-person workshops hosted at a range of venues around the world.

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We’re building a library of online courses so we can reach every corner of the globe.

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Being the 3rd version, we designed this new facility to encompass our methodology.

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Movement is Medicine. That’s our where our philosophy begins and it’s our foundation.

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movement is the cure

Aging well is the greatest gift you can give yourself and we offer a series of ways for you to take ownership of your own health in a fun, easy-going but professional way.

We are a small group of expert trainers obsessed with intelligent movement, purposeful nutrition and continual improvement. Our facility and programming are designed to simplify your journey into health in a welcoming and supportive manner. Our members are what make us unique.


We partner with several different groups within the community and across Canada. These important organizations recognize the connection between overall health, general well-being and proper movement. Our partners become an extension of the Caveman Strong Community.


An industry-respected teacher’s teacher who’s traveled the world to create the CavemanStrong Philosophy.

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Josee heads up many of our group classes, offers personal training and is an expert in cooking healthy meals for a young family.

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Holistic Nutrition: Kylie offers an incredibly personalized nutrition service that helps solve all types of problems. 

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SOLD out for 2019

Experience Retreat.

An annual retreat involving movement, lifestyle, nutrition set in the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica. We cover a range of movement fundamentals and progress into more advanced exercises as the week moves along. It’s an unbelievable experience and an opportunity to connect with your self in an setting designed to free your mind, your body and your soul.  

Gym SChedule.

We offer group fitness classes several times per day. Our membership allows you attend as many classes as you like on your own schedule. We also offer specialized classes like boxing, weightlifting, seniors and others.

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Become a member today and join the group of people taking ownership of their health. A welcoming, easy-to-jump-in-at-any-time attitude and each class is taught by qualified instructors.